Welcome to DisParody

 In a dark, duplicitous world everyone needs relief from everyday troubles.  We are the one-stop destination for ALL your comedy needs!  A collective coalition of clever artists conspiring to create the most hellaciously hilarious fine art known to man.

We hope you will follow our artists in their serenade of satirical artwork, imitating all your favorite characters!  Here at IAmParodyArt we take our work very seriously: poking fun at only the absolute best characters, in the most ridiculous way imaginable.

 Our Artists

We work with several artists from many strange unknown places.  These are places from Colorado to the furthest reaches of the galaxy.  Our first artist Bucket has been anonymous for some time, but has slowly been revealing herself to our Earth through art.  Some would call her an "alien" but we find that term quite offensive.


"I am Bucket and I arrived on our planet thousands of years ago, from a race of other dimensional beings made of light, magic, nerdy science fiction, and gluten. Since protruding into your dimension, I have educated the greatest artists of the world about capturing the beauty of humanity in art.  From the ancient Greeks to Michelangelo, the Impressionists and even all that Jackson Pollock nonsense, I have had a direct influence on your exploration of art. I since decided to focus on highlighting humanity's stupidity and hilarity, because, well after all this time, I find humanity to be stupid and hilarious.  Not being human, I have no gender, but prefer to be identified with females as the only ones on your planet who seem to know what the hell they're doing. In my own dimension, my entire body is a beautiful form of starlight and cosmic magnificence, but in your dimension I manifest as a small pink lump of some rubbery stuff with eyeballs.  My given name in my own world is unpronounceable in any human tongue, but roughly translates as "cylindrical vessel of light and knowledge, also a convenient way to carry stuff with a terribly uncomfortable handle". I enjoy long walks on the beach, the Beatles,and have a strange affinity for nerdy science fiction movies and glutenous pastry products."  


We thank Bucket for her other-worldly artistic gifts, and hope she one day shows us how to actually recycle properly.  


Ashley Raine: Contrary to her name, Ashley is not the biggest fan of the rain, in fact she despises the rain. She does however love to paint characters from all kinds of themes in hilarious situations. Whether it's walking their dog, or taking a bath nobody is safe from her paint brush of candor!



Contrary to her name, Gadget is an artist and not a small mechanical device or electronic tool. She creates illustrations and paintings based on whimsical play-on-words and weird, endearing creatures. Gadget feels the fun whimsy of her work is important in these strange times of political tension, climate change, indigestion, and terrible Netflix sitcoms.


Frequently. Asked. Questions.


Where is Your FAQ?

Why should I know?...  Kidding you're almost there. Just know that there are no stupid questions, that is unless they're not in the list below.


What is Parody Art and Why Should I Care?

Parody is an imitation or mockery of a particular writer, artist or genre for comedic effect.  Here at DisParody we strive to achieve this in the most polite and respectable way possible. If you're offended by any of our content, we owe you a long awkward hug provided by one of our several in house screeching Ergox's.


Can you fulfill shipments outside of Earth's solar system?  

We currently offer shipping to anywhere throughout the planet Earth (Shipping outside the U.S. will incur additional charges). We are unfortunately unable to ship outside of planet Earth's atmosphere at this time. However we are currently working on technology to offer express delivery to far-off, desolate places such as Mars, The Galactic Bulge, and even Kansas!



DisParody is not responsible for any laugh related injuries.  If this does occur, we ask that you cease viewing the artwork immediately.  Should you or a family member become comatosed as a result of viewing our artwork please contact your dentist immediately.  DisParody will do our very best to remember to send flowers and attend any funerals.  


Refund Policy

While we appreciate your concern we will never require a refund of our time and effort put toward delivering you hilarious artwork.  Should you require a refund yourself we ask that you submit the proper forms to our refund office located in dimension B108 in the Ulath system.  You will be required to sign and complete a few forms included but not limited to 7 waivers, 3 NDA's, 9 affidavits, 13 letters of recommendation, and 5 court appeals.  Please note that your refund may take up to 5-7 business decades to process. Note that if you have not committed a crime in the last decade we will be unable to issue you a refund, period.  That being said you may return within 5 days of receiving your purchase.